How Do You Buy Used Spiral Stairs?


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Used spiral stairs are available for sale on eBay.com and sometimes local classified ads. Estate sales sometimes have stairs available. Spiral stairs are available in many different sizes, so it is important to make sure that the size works for your application.

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Older homes and businesses that are renovating sometimes sell used materials, so it is good to check for them. Used spiral stairs should be purchased locally due to how hard they are to transport to another site and shipping costs. Many used stairs are shipped disassembled, so buying used still means having to put together a stair case.

Spiral stair dealers sometimes sell kits that have been returned by customers, so they are considered used. Antique shops and auctions are good places to look for used spiral stairs. Local home renovators and antique dealers help locate used stairs for those willing to wait. Craigslist.org allows individuals and businesses to post want ads to seek out materials such as spiral staircases.

It is important to make sure used staircases are sound enough to be worth installing again. Iron staircases last for a very long time, but the hardware should be checked and replaced if deteriorated. Make sure to check for cracks or splits before purchasing.

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