How Do You Buy Used Lawn Equipment Locally?

How Do You Buy Used Lawn Equipment Locally?

To buy used lawn equipment locally, scout out local sellers and dealers, research the model, inspect the equipment's condition and ask the seller about the item's history. It is also helpful to ask about the warranty and any relevant paperwork.

Run through the following steps to buy used lawn equipment locally.

  1. Find local sellers
  2. Local sellers may be individuals or professional dealers. Many private sellers offer their lawn mowers through yard sales or classifieds. When purchasing from a professional dealer, make sure the business is reputable.

  3. Research the model
  4. If possible, research the model. Sticking with well-known brands can help ensure quality and make it easier to compare prices. Compare the original price to the asking price. Used lawn equipment should not be priced above 70 percent of the original retail price, even if it is in excellent shape.

  5. Inspect the condition
  6. Inspect the equipment for signs of damage and wear. Things to check on mowers include wheels, handles, blades, steering components and the air filter. The parts should not be loose, wobbly, bent, cracked or blackened. Low oil levels or dirty oil should also be a warning sign. Start the equipment and try it out before buying to make sure that it is in good working order.

  7. Ask about the item's history
  8. Ask about the item's history before buying. Things to ask about include oil changes, air filter changes, services, spark plug replacement and blade sharpening. Ask to see documents such as maintenance records, original warranty and receipts. Ask if the item is still under warranty or whether it is possible to receive or transfer a warranty.