How Do You Buy Used Furniture?

How Do You Buy Used Furniture?

To buy used furniture, take measurements, inspect the furniture thoroughly, check for recalls, and negotiate the price. Shop at used furniture stores, garage sales, online classified sites and auction sites when looking for used furniture. Some hotels also sell old furniture that may work for your home.

Before purchasing, make sure you really want and need the furniture. Consider the functionality you want in the piece so you buy the best furniture for your needs. If you're looking for a desk, verify that it has the drawers and work surface you need. Measure the spot where you plan to place the piece to ensure it fits comfortably.

Inspect the furniture for structural stability and missing parts. If a bed frame is wobbly, a sofa sags in the middle or a shelving unit is missing a brace, the piece likely isn't worth your money. Some minor problems are simple to fix, but be realistic about the extent of any damage.

Upholstered furniture and mattresses present a risk for bed bugs. Use caution when buying these types of furniture pieces secondhand. Look in the seams and crevices for signs of bugs. When considering a used mattress, look for stains, smells, sagging or lumps as warning signs.

If you want the furniture piece, haggle on the price, especially if it seems overpriced. Ask if the owner is willing to take less for the piece. You can often save money just by asking.