How Do You Buy a Theo A. Kochs Barber Chair?


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Buying a Theo A. Kochs barber chair can involving buying a restored chair, buying one that may not be in good condition and needs restoring, or getting a restoration company to buy one for you and restore it. Parts for the chairs, as well as restored and original vintage Kochs barber chairs, can be found in antique shops, auctions, online on eBay or at online classified sites. .

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In general, if the price of the Theo A. Kochs barber chair is less than $1,000 as of 2015, it has not been restored. A chair that has not been restored probably requires extensive cleaning; the chair could even need to be totally disassembled. Certain commonly replaced parts may be in high demand and therefore hard to find and more costly. A more expensive chair requiring readily available parts may end up costing less than a less expensive chair in need of a rare part.

When buying a barber chair, consider the cost of transporting the chair and where the barber chair is to be kept, either while undergoing the process of restoration or when the chair is completely restored. Also factor in the cost of upholstering the chair if it is in original condition. Although Kochs chairs were of high quality when originally built, time and use can break down the fabric and filling covering the chairs.

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