How Do You Buy Techniseal Polymeric Sand?


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Techniseal polymeric sand is available from many dealers in the United States. The sand can be purchased from Techniseal by entering a ZIP code on its website under Where To Buy to get the closest dealer in your area. Consider reviews on aspects such as the reliability, durability, consistency, resistance to washouts by rain and the number of client call-backs after its installation before making a purchase.

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Techniseal develops efficient polymer sand formulas, such as HP2 and RG+, which are the most advanced in the world, according to its website. The HP2 polymeric sand helps prevent weed growth and insect infestation. It also enhances resistance caused by sweeping, rains and wind. This ensures that the joints on your pavement retain their original appearance at all times.

The HP2 polymeric sand works well, particularly on areas with heavy traffic and high humidity levels. These include driveways, pools, roadways, walkways, pavement and more. This sand is created by a mix of ASTM (graded sand) and binder. It infiltrates easily into the joints, making the installation process fast. The mixture hardens a few minutes after water activation to create a compact mix that can resist erosion.

For areas with normal conditions or pavement with thin joints, it is recommended to use the RG+ polymeric sand, according to the Techniseal website.

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