Why Buy a Smoothie Maker Instead of a Blender?


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Both smoothie makers and blenders are able to make smoothies. However, smoothie makers typically have special features designed to improve smoothie production, but they are unable to perform tasks outside of fruit drink creation.

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Smoothie makers are typically less expensive than blenders, but are less versatile. For those interested in a single kitchen appliance that can perform a range of tasks, a blender is a better choice. Blenders have the power needed to crush ice, pulverize and puree food. Smoothie makers, however, are specifically designed to meet the needs of smoothie creation. For example, many smoothie makers feature rounded blades specially designed to optimize fruit blending.

Since smoothie makers are designed with these fruit beverage needs in mind, they often produce more consistent results. This means smoothie makers usually produce smoother and silkier fruit drinks on a regular basis. Because blenders are designed to accommodate a variety of tasks, they are less able to consistently produce smooth fruit drinks.

Smoothie makers are ideal for those who drink smoothies on a regular basis and have the kitchen space to accommodate multiple appliances. It is important to note that blenders are typically considerably larger than smoothie makers. The specific design of both blenders and smoothie makers vary dramatically across all makes and models.

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