How Do You Buy Secondhand Air Conditioning Units?


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Some good places to buy secondhand air conditioning units are Craigslist and Amazon. Sites that specialize in used air conditioners, such as Budget Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., are also good options.

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To find fair prices on secondhand air conditioning units from local sellers, visit Craigslist. Find the local Craigslist page by clicking on a U.S. state, city and neighborhood in turn. From here, use the search bar to look for an air conditioning unit, or simply click on the relevant categories. Under For Sale, click on Appliances, and then click For Sale by Owner. Look through the different appliances, or enter a keyword into the search bar.

Amazon is another good resource for secondhand appliances. Click on the Home and Kitchen category, and then click Heating, Cooling and Air Quality. Click on the Air Conditioners and Accessories sub-category to see all of the available air conditioners. While looking through the results, look for the words “Used” or “Refurbished.” These indicate secondhand appliances sold from private sellers or retailers.

Another option is to browse stores that specialize in used appliances, such as Budget Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. On this site, click through the different categories to find an air conditioning unit of interest.

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