How Do You Buy Salvaged Interior Doors?

How Do You Buy Salvaged Interior Doors?

Homeowners can buy salvaged interior doors by visiting a local retailer or purchasing from an online source, notes the Habitat for Humanity, Columbus Architectural Salvage and Olde Good Things websites. Salvaged inventory from retailers typically changes quickly, so purchasers should check back often if they are unable to locate their desired products.

Homeowners have several sources available for purchasing salvaged doors, including local and online retailers. To purchase a salvaged interior door through the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, follow this process:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to the Habitat for Humanity website home page,

  3. Search for a location
  4. Search for a nearby local store by inputting the desired ZIP code in the search box and pressing "Search," notes the company site.

  5. Choose a location
  6. Review the nearby locations and choose the desired location. Obtain the ReStore address and visit the location to search through available inventory and purchase the desired products.

To purchase salvaged doors through an online outlet, use this process:

  1. Choose an online retailer
  2. Visit the desired company's website to view available products. Many retailers offer its products through company websites, such as Columbus Architectural Salvage and Olde Good Things, among several others.

  3. Browse products and purchase
  4. Browse the available inventory and follow the check out process on the site to purchase the items.