How Do You Buy Oversized Wall Stencils Online?


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Search for the type of stencil, using the word "oversize" in the search term to narrow down appropriate online stencil sources. Large stencils include styles like murals, damask patterns, 'all over' or solitary wall art pictures, and graffiti. If ordering words, choose a font and letter height, measure the wall width to be filled by the stencil, select left, center or right alignment and test drive the look before ordering. Choose a sturdy stencil material for repeated use.

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Individual sites specialize in different types of stencils. Damask stencils are made with blocks of a repeat design -- typically a small geometric figure, lacy textile or flowers -- to be stenciled repeatedly over the wall like patterned wallpaper. "All over" stencils also repeat across a wall, but they are halfway to a mural. Those stencils feature pictures rather than patterns: ancient columns, stands of bamboo, flocks of birds or herds of animals.

Murals represent a single scene or picture that dominates a large section of wall or an entire wall. Art stencils might be a giant knife, fork and spoon for the wall in a dining nook, a stenciled cartoon chandelier over the headboard or an open-mouthed shark for the wall behind a tub.

"Message" stencils range from one inspirational word to a few lines of poetry to a wall of facsimile script, in any language, that resembles a handwritten love letter.

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