How Do You Buy Only a Fitted Sheet?


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To buy a fitted sheet, first know the mattress size, fabric preference and budget needed before shopping. It is possible to buy only a fitted sheet at most retailers with a bedding department.

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  1. Determine the size of mattress

    Most mattresses come in standard sizes, though sizes may vary by country or continent. Knowing the size of the mattress is the first step to finding a sheet that fits it properly. Reference the product care tag sewn into a corner seam on most mattresses and fitted sheets. Often the sizes are listed there. Otherwise, measure the mattress for length, width and depth.

  2. Consider fabric and cost

    Choose a fabric that is affordable and comfortable to lay on through out the night. Fabric care is also something to consider; affordable satin sheets may feel very luxurious but require more care.

  3. Go shopping

    Visit a local or online retailer with a bedding department and purchase a fitted sheet.

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