How Do You Buy a Mattress?


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To buy a mattress, compare different types and sizes according to your individual preferences and bedroom size, try out the models under consideration whenever possible and be aware of return policies to ensure future satisfaction. To get the best value when purchasing, try to haggle with the salesperson and compare warranties available.

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Three common types of mattresses are memory foam, which is made up of layers of foam and can help ease back and joint pain; innerspring, which comprise a layer of coils covered in padding and are often the least expensive; and adjustable air, which includes a pump allowing the user to adjust firmness as desired. The best size of mattress to choose depends on the allowed space in the bedroom, as well as individual need. Some couples require larger beds to avoid the negative effects of snoring or kicking during the night.

Test out possible candidates for at least 15 minutes to ensure a good match. Lay on the mattress in your most comfortable sleeping position for about five minutes, and then test every side for an additional five minutes each.

Ask about return policies and warranties to protect against potential problems, especially if you aren't able to try out the mattress before purchasing it. The best option is a return policy that allows at least 30 days, doesn't charge a restocking fee and offers free pickup if possible.

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