Where Do You Buy Kerosene Oil?


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While there are a number of places in most cities that sell kerosene, the most reliable is often a chain hardware store. However, people can look out for kerosene pumps at local gas stations too, as these can be more convenient and allow customers to purchase as much or as little as they need.

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Kerosene is a preferred fuel in many homes because it stores more safely than propane but provides just as much potential heat as a comparable volume of natural gas. It's worth looking in the Yellow Pages for fuel oil delivery services instead if the primary source of heating and cooking fuel is kerosene. This is a much more efficient means of getting kerosene oil to a home, rather than driving to and from a store, hauling as many 2.5 gallon jugs as can be fit into the back of a car or truck. As well, most fuel delivery companies will provide up to a 50 gallon drum worth of the stuff, and may have secondary services for the installation of a permanent storage vessel. This can make keeping sufficient fuel on hand a great deal easier, and with scheduled monthly deliveries, it can free up time which might have otherwise been spent clearing one more chore from a honey-do list.

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