How Do You Buy Gravel in Bulk?

How Do You Buy Gravel in Bulk?

Buy gravel in bulk at major home retailers such as The Home Depot or Lowe's. Bulk gravel is also sold at online specialty stores such as The Rock Pile and Braen Stone.

The Home Depot sells different types of gravel suitable for driveways, walkways and gardens. Selections include Vigoro 0.5 cubic feet decorative pond pebbles and 1,000 pounds of pea gravel. Prices and selection vary by store, and more information is available at

Lowe's carries two types of bulk gravel. One is the Sakrete landscaping rock, which as of October 2015 sold for around $51, and the other is Material Sales Unlimited landscaping rock. Both contain 1,000 pounds of gravel.

Braen Stone sells bulk quantities of gravel, clean stone, crushed rocks and crusher stone and services the New York and New Jersey areas. Braen sells stone by the cubic yard or cubic ton, and its gravel sizes range from 1/4-inch washed clean stone to 2 1/2-inch crushed stone.

The Rock Pile is located in Ohio and serves the surrounding areas. The company produces and sells various types of gravel in bulk, ranging from limestone to river gravel and blue granite. The Rock Pile sells bulk gravel by the bag or by the ton.