How Do You Buy Granite Slabs in Bulk?


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Numerous online retailers, such as SlabMarket and AliExpress, sell bulk granite slabs from their online stores. To purchase these slabs, simply choose the type and desired number of slabs, and then purchase it online and designate an address for the slabs to be sent to.

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How Do You Buy Granite Slabs in Bulk?
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It is often cheaper to buy wholesale items than it is to buy them individually, as suggested by SlabMarket. SlabMarket is an online retailer that gets stone slabs directly from various quarries, and buyers are required to order at least six bundles of stone slabs. Use the following steps to purchase granite slabs in bulk from the SlabMarket website.

  1. Go to the SlabMarket website
  2. Use a Web browser to access the SlabMarket website.

  3. Choose a color and type of stone
  4. Either browse through the types of stone available on the website, or search for a specific color using the search bar. If necessary, narrow down searches by different criteria, such as name, region or type of stone.

  5. Choose the amount needed
  6. Enter the thickness, number of slabs and total square footage desired of the granite.

  7. Click the "Add to Container" button and confirm the order
  8. Place the order by clicking on "Add to Container," then place the order. An email or phone call will be sent to confirm the order.

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