How Do You Buy Flexsteel Furniture?

How Do You Buy Flexsteel Furniture?

As of May 2015, Flexsteel does not sell furniture directly through its website, but customers can use the Store Locator tool at to find local retailers that carry the brand. Some popular furniture retailers that carry Flexsteel Furniture include Hudson's Furniture, Kane's Furniture, Thomasville Home Furnishings, Marty Rae's and Pieratt's.

At, customers can begin the shopping process by browsing the wide variety of merchandise and viewing specifications for each piece of furniture. Flexteel Furniture designs and manufactures sofas, chairs, bookcases, desks, beds and many other types of furnishings. The website also allows customers to sign up for the company's mailing list to receive advance notice of promotions and savings events in their local areas.

After finding local retailers that carry Flexsteel Furniture, customers should contact their local dealers to learn more about specific merchandise offerings. Merchandise selection varies by store, and not all Flexsteel retailers carry all of the manufacturer's products.

Flexsteel's business model involves offering a large selection of well-constructed furniture. For example, the company offers more than 100 frame options and more than 1,000 fabric options for sofas. Many products include a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

In addition to home furnishings, Flexsteel Furniture also offers a wide variety of commercial and office furniture for hotels, hospitals, assisted-living facilities, conference rooms and more.