How Do You Buy Firewood by the Cord?


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Contacting your local County Extension Office is the best place to start when buying cords of firewood for the first time. The County Extension Office will provide information about pricing, wood species and quality, as well as referrals to reputable sellers in the area.

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How Do You Buy Firewood by the Cord?
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A "cord" of firewood is a specific unit of measurement, defined by law. A "cord" is 128 cubic feet of firewood, stacked in a row an a compact manner.

It is advised that the buyer prearrange the price and quantity with the seller, and the seller is expected to provide a bill of sale at the time of purchase. The bill of sale should include: contact information of buyer and seller, the agreed price and quantity of firewood, any delivery charges or other fees, the final price, and signatures of the buyer and seller.

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