Where Do You Buy Farberware Coffee Maker Parts?

buy-farberware-coffee-maker-parts Credit: Shuji Kobayashi/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Farberware coffee maker parts can be purchased online at Goodmans.net, Amazon and eBay, as of 2015. A number of new and vintage Farberware percolators, programmable coffee makers and urn-style coffee makers are also listed for sale on eBay.

Goodmans.net advertises several parts for Farberware coffeemakers including percolator pump stems, thermostats for coffeemaker urns, a rope element and a fusible link. 14 Farberware coffee urn parts are listed as of March 2015.

Amazon.com lists Farberware replacement parts that include pump springs, an FTCNEW thermostat for FCP series percolators, P13-1491 rope elements for new-style urns, and 30662 percolator lids. Also available are replacement glass percolator tops from Tops and Fitz-All that fit Farberware models with cover openings between 13/16 and 1 1/2 inches.

Farberware replacement parts listed on eBay as of March 2015 include two ceramic filters with spring for percolators, an FCP412 replacement base for Superfast percolators, coffee basket replacements for four, eight and 12 cup coffee makers, and an FCP412 replacement handle with screws. Also listed is a set of FCP 280 percolator parts that includes lid, down tube and basket assembly.

EBay also has numerous Farberware coffee makers listed for sale, including a vintage 1940s Farberware six-cup coffee percolator model no. 206, a Classic Series Stainless Steel Eight-Cup Yosemite Stovetop Percolator, a display-model 12-cup programmable coffee maker, and a 12-36 cup stainless steel coffee urn model.