How do you buy a Chinese range hood?


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To buy a Chinese range hood, first decide whether you prefer a wall mount or cabinet attachment, and then measure the range hood size and decide whether one or two removable oil cup traps are needed. Visit a website such as Alibaba or Overstock to order a Chinese range hood that matches the needed specifications.

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Typical kitchens have 30-inch stoves and 30-inch cabinets above them. Two sizes of oil cups are available for 30 or 36-inch ranges. Normal Chinese range hoods put out 600 cubic feet per minute of air, but if the kitchen is used extensively, 700 cubic feet per minute is strongly recommended.

Chinese range hoods are ducted. They have vents that carry exhaust, gas or smoke through pipes and out of the house. Ducted range hoods can be either axial-flow or centrifugal. Axial-flow hoods have a fan under the cover to push the air from the kitchen and are prone to grease buildup on both the fan and the exhaust pipe. Centrifugal range hoods have two fans that create negative pressure to remove the grease from the air and place it in reservoir cups. Chinese range hoods are centrifugal in nature.

The use of a range hood in a kitchen offers many benefits. They filter gases and smoke to keep the air clean, and the fan removes extra heat. Range hoods typically come equipped with extra lighting for the kitchen. Additionally, the installation of a range hood improves a home's value.

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