How Do You Buy a Carport?


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To purchase a carport, begin by looking at the options that are available online and at local stores. After you know what choices are available and what you can afford, evaluate the options based on building code regulations, the grade and gauge of material, its coating and installation process.

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Building codes in different areas may have various rules about carport dimensions and the installation process. In addition, private housing communities may not allow homeowners to install carports at all. If you are buying a steel carport, make sure the material is strong enough for the specific weather conditions in the area. For example, for areas located next to an ocean, the carport has to be able to resist salt spray and air.

Carport coating is another important thing to consider; if the coating has bad quality, it is likely to start chipping and peeling in a year or two. However, if the coating is impregnated into the steel during manufacture, it is likely to last much longer. Some manufacturers offer a warranty against rusting, chipping or peeling.

Carport installation is sometimes challenging, as it may require owners to work with concrete. If you plan on installing the carport yourself, make sure it is easy to do and all the necessary instructions and hardware come in the kit.

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