How Do You Buy Antique Safes?


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Buy antique safes from a retailer such as Savoy, Hoogerhyde or Prestige Safe. These companies possess antique safes from many different historical periods, and safes come in a variety of dimensions, weights and designs.

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Savoy sells safes that were handcrafted in Italy during the 1700s and 1800s. Its website lists the safes available under the Collection menu. Each safe features a different design and pattern, and the company can customize the interiors of safes to suit customer preferences.

Hoogerhyde usually has about a dozen antique safes for sale at a given time as of 2015. Each safe originates from a different place and time period, and the website features photos and descriptions of certain safes. These safes lack the enhanced security features of modern safes, but they still offer some degree of security. Safes have different degrees of wear and tear, and although built to withstand fire, the safes may not hold up in a fire in their current states.

Prestige Safe sells safes that represent the American historical period dating back to 1894. The company either sells safes in their current states or refurbishes them to make them appear newer. Customers can request the company to customize a safe to meet certain specifications.

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