Where to Buy Antique Appliances for a Historic Home?


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Antique and vintage appliances can be purchased for historic homes from specialty appliance retailers such as Elmira Stove Works, Carolina's Antique Appliances and AntiqueAppliances.com. Internet auction sites such as eBay also frequently contain listings for antique appliances in various conditions.

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The Elmira Stove Works company manufactures several different types and styles of new appliances, including stoves and refrigerators, stylized to resemble older models of appliances. As of 2015, the company features three different lines of appliances: Antique, Northstar and Fireview. The appliances in the Antique line are created to resemble designs used during the late 19th century, while the Northstar line is modeled after mid-20th-century designs. The Fireview line consists exclusively of wood-burning cook stoves.

Carolina's Antique Appliances sells old models of stoves and other appliances that have been restored and repaired, rather than manufacturing new appliances styled to resemble old models. The company specializes in refrigerators and stoves and allows customers to view available products on its website. In many cases, the site features stoves and refrigerators bundled together to provide a cohesive feel to the kitchen.

Both private sellers and businesses create listings on eBay, which means that the state of the appliances can vary significantly between postings.

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