Does a Butterfly Kerosene Stove Cause Burns?


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A Butterfly kerosene stove can cause burns. Depending on the model, maximum heat output is approximately 7,000 British Thermal Units, which is the equivalent of about 7,000 wooden kitchen matches.

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The other main hazards of kerosene use are poisoning, fire and explosion. Poisoning most often occurs through inhalation of kerosene vapors, although accidental ingestion is also a risk factor. Fire and explosion risks are often related to improper storage or faulty devices.

Other potential hazards result from long-term exposure to kerosene or its by-products. Cooking use of kerosene may cause impaired lung function, asthma and increased risk of infectious illness and cataracts. As of March 2015, studies are somewhat inconsistent and more research is needed to verify these findings.

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