What Are Bussman Fuses?


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Bussmann fuses are fuses manufactured by Eaton’s Bussmann (formerly Cooper Bussmann) for the electrical, electronics, and transportation industries. Bussmann offers a wide variety of fuses in both North American and European styles.

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Fuses (including Bussmann fuses) are safety devices that protect electrical circuits from excessive current. They contain a piece of metal that melts if the current exceeds a specified value (the rating of the fuse). The fuse is placed in series with a circuit, and if excessive current is run through the circuit, the metal strip melts and opens the circuit to prevent damage to other circuit components. The opening of a fuse indicates that there is a problem somewhere in the circuit. The problem should be assessed and corrected before the current is turned on again.

There are two main types of fuses, both manufactured by Bussmann, they are cylindrical and plug fuses. Cylindrical fuses are mostly used to protect appliances and other electrical equipment. They contain a thin piece of fusible metal housed in a cylinder made of ceramic or fiber. Plug fuses are used in homes to protect electric wiring. Plug fuses have a metal strip inside of a specialized plug which fits into a fusible electric panel. These fuses generally have glass surrounding the metal strip to make it easy to assess the condition of the metal strip.

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