How Do You Find Businesses That Offer Free Junk Removal?


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Homeowners can use Craigslist to find local businesses that offer free junk removal. Many local recyclers and scrap metal businesses advertise free pickup of certain items, such as junk cars, metal and appliances.

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Use the following steps to find local businesses for junk removal.

  1. Select nearest state and city
  2. Visit the Craigslist website and select the nearest state and city on the site's page.

  3. Search for junk removal
  4. Type "free junk removal" into the 'Search Craigslist' bar. Press "Enter" and the site will bring up results for businesses advertising their free services.

  5. Review the listings
  6. Click on the "list" button at the top of the search results page to see an easy to read list view of all of the advertisements. Most listings are likely for free junk car pick up and even some businesses offering to buy junk cars. Continue scrolling to see other listings for free junk removal with recycling and appliances.

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