What Bush Has Red Leaves and Red Berries?


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According to Nature Hills Nursery, the Barberry bush has red leaves and red berries. It is also called the Red Leaf Japanese Bush and the Berberis thunbergii.

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What Bush Has Red Leaves and Red Berries?
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Nature Hills Nursery further notes that the branches of the bush are small and thorny, and the leaves have an ovular shape. The leaves typically have a red color but have also been seen in purple. The berries grow anywhere from late fall through the winter, and the shrub is known for attracting wildlife. According to About.com, the bush requires well-drained soil, but they are able to grow in diverse conditions. Gardening Know How claims that these shrubs grow in full or partial sunlight and are well suited to grow in any type of soil, as long as there is proper drainage.

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