How Do Burnham Hot Water Boilers Heat a Home?


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Burnham hot water boilers heat homes by distributing hot water through a series of pipes to a delivery system. The water can be used to heat baseboard heaters, radiators, and coal and fan systems. Burnham is the leading manufacturer of boilers in the United States and offers several models.

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With a hot water boiler, hot water is heated in a closed system and circulated from the boiler via pipes rather than ducting used in furnaces so less heat is lost during distribution. A tank made of cast iron or steel is used to hold the water.

Electric units lose less heat because they do not have to exhaust combustion gases. A condensation boiler system reduces some of this loss by utilizing part of the gases' exhaust generated to heat the water. The boiler can operate on natural gas, electricity or propane. To decrease fuel consumption by 10 percent at a time delay can be added.

Advances in boiler technology have greatly increased efficiency and smaller units can accommodate larger houses. Burnham has models that have smaller units linked together to bridge the gap between large commercial units and domestic boilers. The boilers can fire on demand to meet the needs of the facility that they are placed in.

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