What Does a Bunn De-Liming Tool Do?


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A Bunn de-liming tool is used to remove the lime deposits that accumulate in appliances, such as coffee makers, after extended and repeated use. The tool is typically a long coil that is inserted into the appliance's tubing and pipes for the purpose of scraping built-up deposits, much like a pipe cleaner.

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Lime buildup and ineffective cleaning techniques lead to water blockage in most piping and tubing. The type of water used in an appliance determines how often a de-liming tool is needed. Water containing more mineral content needs to be cleaned out more often.

The tool is typically used in conjunction with a cleaning agent such as vinegar, and it is operated by inserting the tool into the blocked tubing or piping. It is then pulled in and out of the piping repeatedly, serving to scrape it's coils against the inner surface of the piping, thus wearing and grinding away at the lime and mineral deposits within.

De-liming tools are offered in a number of lengths and widths depending on a cleaning project's demands. Some are made of plastic, but the most effective tools are generally manufactured out of metal. De-liming tools are typically included with most major coffee makers, especially those that feature a large, self-heating water reservoir.

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