Are Bunn Coffee Makers Easy to Clean?


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Bunn coffee cleaners are easy to clean, and it is only necessary to do go through the whole process once every three months or so. White vinegar cleans aggregated mineral deposits out of the brewer, forcing them into the carafe.

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Are Bunn Coffee Makers Easy to Clean?
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Pouring a quart of white vinegar into a measuring pitcher and then into the water reservoir of the coffee maker, setting the empty carafe on the base plate and shutting the lid starts the process. The vinegar moves through the hot water tank, moving through into the carafe. Leaving the machine plugged in and letting the process work for two hours ensures a clean coffee maker. Afterward, removing the brew funnel and spray head, replacing the brew funnel and then pouring a full carafe of cold water into the machine and running it through pushes out the vinegar. Repeating this process is necessary until there is no more vinegar smell. Reattaching the spray head and the brew funnel completes the job.

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