How Are Built-in Ovens Removed?


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To remove a built-in oven, the homeowner must turn the breaker off, remove the doors and trim pieces, remove the appropriate screws, and take out the wires before pulling out the appliance. Two people are needed to remove the oven.

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The homeowner should begin by turning the breaker for the oven to the off position, taping down the switch so that someone else in the home does not turn it on. He should then use a non-contact voltage tester where the wall and heating element connect to ensure that no electricity remains. Removing the oven doors may mean unscrewing or unlocking the hinges to prevent the doors from simply sliding off when pulled upward. The homeowner may need to pry the locks with a flat screwdriver.

The next step is to unscrew and remove any additional trim pieces, which may rest near the bottom of the oven. After removing the screws holding the oven to the wall, two people should slide the oven out enough to see the electrical wiring. The homeowner should double-check for a live current before removing the screws connecting the electrical box to the oven's cover plate. After untwisting the wire connectors, the two people can then carefully remove the oven. They should then replace the connectors and tape them to the wires.

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