How Do You Find the Building Codes to Build a New Garage?

How Do You Find the Building Codes to Build a New Garage? offers a free, easy-to-search database of building codes across the country. Click on your state, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see building codes listed by city.

Not all of the cities across the country are listed on the CMD Group website. Whether or not information is listed for your city, contact your city's Building Department to verify that you are using the code edition the city has adopted. The most recent edition of the International Building Code that has been published by the International Code Council is the 2015 edition, as of August 2015. However, not all cities across the country have adopted this edition.

The International Building Code covers the requirements for the structure of your new garage. Contact your local city or county to ensure you are using the correct edition of the code. If you plan on installing electrical or plumbing fixtures in your garage, follow the correct edition of the National Electrical Code and Uniform Plumbing Code, respectively. Whenever you are considering building a new structure, consult a licensed architect familiar with the local building codes and jurisdictional requirements in your area.

Building codes ensure that structures meet a certain minimum level of safety. Depending on the size of the structure you plan to build, your city may not require a permit for the project.