How Do You Build a Work Bench?

How Do You Build a Work Bench?

To build a workbench, carve out the frames, make the legs, piece together the top frame, attach the legs, build a second frame, cut the lower and top workbenches, attach the top, and install the top covering. You need a level, bolts and 2-by-4 lumber.

  1. Cut the frames

    Cut 2-by-4 lumber to the same size to make the legs and supports.

  2. Cut the legs

    Cut four pieces of 2-by-4 wood to a size of your preference to construct the frame.

  3. Assemble the top frame

    Screw the frame bits together. Use wood screws to make sure the frame does not fall apart.

  4. Install the legs

    Attach the legs with bolts or wood screws, and make sure the screws are long enough to hold the legs and frame together.

  5. Construct another frame

    Make another frame that matches the same dimensions as the first one.

  6. Install the second frame

    Place the second frame around 6 to 8 inches from the bottom part of the legs. Attach the frame to the legs using bolts or wood screws.

  7. Cut the workbench top

    Cut a piece of plywood to the point where it hangs over the top frame, which is anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. Add a range of 8 to 12 inches to determine the frame's width and depth.

  8. Cut the lower workbench

    Measure the top part of the bottom frame, and cut it accordingly. Attach the top portion of the bottom frame with wood screws.

  9. Install the workbench top

    Attach the workbench top to the upper frame with L-brackets.

  10. Attach the top covering

    Use a piece of hardwood flooring to nail over the top part of the plywood base. Take out the screws in the L-brackets, and install long wooden screws.