How Do You Build a Woodshed?

How Do You Build a Woodshed?

To build a woodshed, build a frame from pressure-treated wood on top of a cinderblock foundation. Before building, make sure the area is clear and the ground is flat and level.

  1. Create the floor frame

    At the corners of the shed, lay down cinderblocks for the foundation. For the floor frame, cut pressure-treated four 4 by 4-inch posts to the desired length. Cut each post end at a 45-degree angle. Set the posts on the cinderblocks, and secure with a framing nailer.

  2. Construct the deck

    Every 16 inches, place pressure-treated 2 by 6-inch boards vertically inside of the frame. Secure the joists with a framing nailer. For the floor, install 5/4-inch decking with a screw gun. Allow the floor boards to overhang the frame by 1/2 inch.

  3. Construct the walls

    To hold 8-foot plywood wall panels, construct a frame for each panel from 2 by 4-inch boards. Cut pieces for the top, bottom, sides, and studs every 16 inches. On the wall with the door, use smaller panels, and adjust the frame accordingly. Use a nail gun to secure the wall frame, and install the panels.

  4. Build a roof

    From 2 by 6-inch boards, cut roof rafters that are 13 inches higher at the center, and secure them with cleats made of OSB, oriented strand board. Position the rafters on top of the wall frame, and nail them to the headers. Add strips of 1 by 6-inch boards across the rafters, and nail the roofing sheets across the boards.

  5. Finish the shed

    To complete the shed, add siding, windows and a door as desired.