How Do You Build a Wooden Trellis?


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To build a basic trellis, create a rectangular wood frame with horizontal supports, attach it to a wood lattice, and add wood caps for decoration. Lay the trellis against a wall to allow vining plants to climb the lattice.

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Decide the height and width of your trellis based on outdoor space, and use the measurements to cut 2-by-4-inch wood boards for the frame. Connect the frame using wood screws so that the narrow sides face outward. Create notches 2 inches wide periodically along the length of the frame, which allow you to attach more 2-by-4-inch wood pieces as horizontal supports. Attach 1-by-1-inch wood strips along the inner part of the frame for supporting the wood lattice. Cut the wood lattice to fit the frame measurements before setting it in place and securing it with additional 1-by-1-inch strips as back stops.

For an elegant finish, cut a 2-by-6-inch wood piece to attach to the top edge of the frame, allowing several inches of overlap and using an angled cut for aesthetic appeal. Attach the cap with 3-inch wood screws. Place the trellis in its final location, and plant seeds at the base. For a more permanent installation, add several feet when cutting the side boards for the frame so that they can act as stakes. Dig holes for them near a wall, and place the feet of the trellis in the holes before filling them.

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