How Do You Build a Wooden Step Stool?


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To build a wooden step stool, cut a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood into nine pieces of different dimensions for the back, sides and steps of the stool, and join them using 1 1/2-inch wood screws. Caulk the gaps, sand the rough edges, and paint the stool.

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How Do You Build a Wooden Step Stool?
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To make the sides of the wooden step stool, cut two pieces from a 4-by-8-inch plywood sheet with a back height of 20 1/4 inches, width across bottom of 37 inches and step height of 6 3/4 inches. Keep the width of the first two steps at 11 inches and that of the top step at 15 inches.

For the front risers, cut three pieces of 6 3/4 by 15 inches. For the tops of the first two steps, cut two pieces of 15 by 11 inches. For the top of the top step, cut one 15-by-15-inch piece. For the back of the step stool, cut a piece 20 1/4 by 15 inches in dimension.

Join the back piece to the two side pieces using two screws for each edge. Similarly, attach the front risers and the tops of the steps. Ensure that the front edges of the tops projects out from the risers. Drive the screws into the wood on the step tops.

Finish the wooden step stool by caulking the gaps, sanding and painting. Allow the stool to dry for 24 hours before using.

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