How Do You Build Wooden Shutters?


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To build wooden shutters, first determine how many windows need shutters, and measure the height of each window. Cut the boards to the required lengths, and then paint them on both sides before assembling them. Once the paint dries, install them to the predetermined places.

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You need a saw, drill, screws, paint roller and brush, cedar wood and paint to make shutters. Buy enough 1-by-8-inches cedar boards that are straight and knot-free. The basic design for each shutter board is two 1-by-8-inches boards attached to two 1-by-3-inches boards. Use a saw to cut the boards to the required lengths. Once you have cut the boards, paint a primer on both sides of the boards to prevent deterioration.

After the primer has dried, assemble the boards using screws. Ensure that each is flush with one long end at the top and the bottom before screwing them together. Do this for all the sets. Each shutter should have eight screws alternating from the front to the back. Cut the desirable designs from the assembled shutters. Paint the shutters using the desired color, and wait for the paint to dry before installing the shutters.

If you wish, you may paint designs or other details on the shutters.

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