How Do You Build a Wooden Gate?

Building a wooden gate requires at least intermediate carpentry skills and it involves measuring and cutting the frame and boards, connecting the frame pieces, connecting cross braces and attaching the boards. Provided that the materials and tools such as a table saw, drill, brad nailer, clamp and pocket hole jig are already available, the project can be completed within a day.

The following shows basic steps in making a wooden gate.

  1. Cut the wood down to size
  2. After determining the preferred size of the gate, measure the wood and cut it down to the right size. Allow for about an inch gap when measuring for the width of the gate to accommodate the latch and hinges.

  3. Make holes
  4. Using a pocket hole jig, make holes on two boards for the stiles. Secure the jig with a C-clamp to make sure it stays in place while drilling the hole.

  5. Assemble the frame
  6. Connect the three of the four frames together securely by using glue and screws. Cut the ends of the diagonal cross brace to form a mitered end that will fit snugly on the corner of the frame. Secure the brace with glue and screws. Add a cross brace on the center, securing it with glue and screws.

  7. Connect the boards
  8. Attach the fourth frame once the cross brace has been attached. Connect the boards to the frame using brad nails. The final board may need to be trimmed down.

  9. Install the gate
  10. Install the gate on the fence posts allowing at least an inch of gap between the bottom of the gate and the ground.