How Do You Build a Wooden Fence?

How Do You Build a Wooden Fence?

To build a wooden fence, set the corner posts, stretch a line from the corner posts to align the other posts, dig the post holes, insert the posts into the holes, and secure the posts with concrete. Finally, attach the rails to the posts, and secure them with nails.

  1. Dig the holes

    Dig the corner post holes, and set the corner posts. Tie a string from each corner post to outline the other posts, and mark the post holes 8 feet apart. Dig the marked post holes so they fit 1/3 of the of the height the posts.

  2. Set the posts

    Put a large stone at the bottom of every hole to facilitate drainage, and treat every post with wood preservative. Insert the posts into the holes, align the posts, and fill the holes with concrete to secure the posts in place. Mount the concrete at the base of each post to eliminate stagnant water.

  3. Attach the rails

    Attach the bottom and top rails first, and fasten them onto the posts with nails. Repeat the process to attach the remaining rails. Rail added to the body of the post are attached with a groove, a wood block or a metal bracket.