How Do You Build a Wooden Bench for Outdoor Use?


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The main steps for building an outdoor wooden bench include cutting the wood to the correct measurements, building the seat frame, putting on the front and back slats, attaching the legs, sanding the wood, and then painting or staining it. For a more finished look, glue dowel plugs into any screw or bolt holes in the bench. An optional step is to build a back for the bench.

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Using a circular saw, cut wood into corner posts, seat slats, facing supports, side supports and seat braces to the length desired. To build the seat frame, start by attaching each facing support to a side support with rust-resistant screws, making sure that the ends are squared up. Attach a seat support in between the front and back, and then screw in two seat braces to fill in the space between the front and back. Next, attach the front and back slats of the seat to the facing supports.

Attach the legs by turning the bench upside down and screwing each leg to the facing support between the side support and seat brace. For extra support, attach facing and side supports to the outside of the legs about 4 inches above the ground. Finish the construction by attaching the remaining seat slats, allowing space between them for water drainage.

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