How Do You Build a Wood Workbench?


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To build a wood workbench, start by determining the dimensions of the bench. Next, find a benchtop, and cut it to size if necessary. The rest of the assembly involves cutting legs, leg braces and top supports, then attaching them together. Add the benchtop last.

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Cut four table legs from 4x4 lumbar and leg braces from 2x4 lumbar. Cut each leg at the desired height excluding the thickness of the benchtop. To attach the braces to the legs, lay down two of the legs perfectly parallel to each other, and lay one brace across them so that it is even with both sides. Bolt down the brace. Do the same with the other side, and repeat the process for the bottom leg braces.

Next, cut two support beams from 2x4 lumbar so that they are equal to the length of the benchtop. Position one of these support beams across the leg pairs, and align it with the top braces. Pre-drill a hole into the support beam, and then bolt the beam into place. Repeat the same process on the other side. The last step is to bolt down the benchtop, pre-drilling any holes through the underlying support where they are needed.

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