How Do You Build a Wood Stove Hearth Pad?

To build a wood stove hearth pad, create a template to the correct size, then create a wooden frame with 1-by-2 lumber. Fill the bottom of the frame with 1/2-inch plywood, and fill the frame with bricks. Pour liquid cement between all the bricks, and dry completely.

  1. Create a cardboard template

    Follow the instructions provided with the wood stove to create a hearth pad that's the correct size. Check local building codes if you're unsure of the exact requirements. Cut a large piece of cardboard to the suggested size, and lay it on the floor where you plan to place the stove. Double check the measurements again.

  2. Create a frame with lumber

    Use 1-by 2-lumber to create a frame around the outside of the template. Remove the cardboard, but leave the frame in place.

  3. Cut a piece of thin plywood to fit inside the frame

    Using the cardboard template again, cut 1/2-inch plywood to the same size. Place the plywood inside the frame, and cut the wood, if necessary, until it fits exactly.

  4. Lay out the pattern of the hearth with bricks

    Put bricks into the frame to create a pleasant design. Stagger the edges of the bricks. Get the design exactly as desired. Purchase half-size bricks, if necessary, to create the design inside the frame.

  5. Pour liquid cement between the bricks

    Purchase cement that's appropriate for fireplace use, and mix it as instructed on the packaging. Pour the cement between the bricks, scraping off any extra cement that spills. Level the cement if necessary, and allow it to dry slightly.

  6. Remove the frame

    Take the frame apart, and remove it from around the bricks. Let the cement dry completely.