How Do You Build a Wood Duck House?

How Do You Build a Wood Duck House?

To build a wood duck house, use an 11-foot and 1/4-inch by 12-foot board that is weather-resistant. Cut the board into five pieces: a 32-inch back, 23 1/2- and 29 1/2-inch sides, a 9 3/4-inch roof and a 16-inch floor. The remaining piece is 24 inches; drill a 3-inch high, 4-inch wide hole 19 inches from the bottom of the board. This is the front of the duck house.

Cut 1/2 inch from the top of the front board in a way that provides a 20-degree slope away from the box. This helps the roof fit snugly and prevents water from entering. The side of the roof that connects to the back of the box should be sloped in a similar manner.

Cut one of the side pieces close to the bottom to install a door for removing debris. Install a hinge to make the door functional, and then place a small screw at the center of the door's bottom and on the outer portion of the floor board. Once the box is assembled, connect these screws with wire to prevent predators from accessing the duck box.

Use a hand saw to create a series of shallow cuts on both sides of the front panel. These give ducks the ability to grasp the wood when they are entering and leaving the duck box.

Use 2-inch exterior deck screws to attach the sides, front, and back to the floor and the roof to the top. Drill small holes in the floor to provide drainage. Place the box in a shallow, wet area on top of a pole to deter predators.