How Do You Build Wood Deck Steps?


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To build wooden deck steps, first determine the rise and run of the planned steps, then prepare the concrete footer, and cut the stringers. Attach the stringers, cut and attach the stair treads, and then build the railings to finish the project.

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Building wooden deck steps requires the use of a construction level, a trowel, a drill and a circular saw, among other tools. Some of the materials necessary include fast-drying concrete, pressure-treated posts, pressure-treated boards, galvanized deck screws and masonry anchors.

When calculating the rise and run of the steps, measure the distance between the ground and floor of the deck, and divide the result by 7.5. The result of this calculation, rounded up, is the number of steps the staircase needs. To determine the height of each individual stair, divide the total height of the staircase by the number of stairs.

To prepare the concrete footer for the wooden deck staircase, excavate 6 inches of earth from the work site, add pea gravel to a height of 2 inches, and then compact the area. Pour fast-drying cement into the mold until it is flush with the ground. Use a trowel and level to ensure that the cement is suitable to use as a foundation for the wooden deck steps.

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