How Do You Build a Wood-Burning Stove?


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Build a wood-burning stove at home using scrap material. You need welding electrodes, special paint for the stove, grinder disc, and an old gas cylinder with no air inside. Wear protective gear when handling the gas cylinder.

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How Do You Build a Wood-Burning Stove?
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Begin by emptying the gas cylinder for a few days to ensure no gas remains inside. To do this, begin by releasing the gas cylinder pressure, and then drill a hole to fill the cylinder with water. Drill another small hole to let air out while emptying the water. Leave it for a few days, changing the water regularly.

Cut the stove’s door by placing the cylinder on its side full of water. Host it regularly between the cuttings to cool it down. Then cut the cylinder handle and nozzle off.

Cut a strip of metal from a metal headboard to fit the stove door size, and bend it to fit the door’s shape. Use hinges to install the door, and install a strip of metal as the handle.

Drill vent holes at the bottom of the cylinder, and close the small holes that you drilled earlier. Create a vent door in the same way you created the other door. Finally, drill a small hole and attach a flue pipe, which you can get from a store near you.

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