How Do You Build a Wishing Well?


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To make a wishing well, cut the lumber into pieces, make the well base, add the layers, apply supports and make the roof. You need a saw, hammer, mitre box, carpenter square, wood glue and black tack nails. You also need shingles, pine and plywood.

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  1. Cut the lumber

    Measure 8-inch sections at a 22.5-degree angle for the base. Cut the pine in half measures of 1.75 inches from the center. Cut at a 22.5-degree angle to make upright supports. Cut the remaining pieces of lumber into four sections of 15 inches each with a 22.5-degree angle to make the bracing. Cut two pieces of 12.5 inches each at a 22.5 degree angle and two pieces to lengths of 18 inches. Cut 7/16-inch plywood in half.

  2. Create the base

    Connect the base by gluing the timber with wood glue. Add the second layer to the center of the first base. Keep adding the layers until the well reaches six layers.

  3. Add the supports

    Cut 10-foot 2-by-4 boards in half, and place them inside the well with the angled edges facing up. Place more supports on the first, second and fifth layers, and follow the same procedure with the second layer. Screw 15-inch braces to each end of the supports. Apply 12.5-inch pieces to screw the outside of the bottom roof. Install the 18-inch pieces on the front, top and back for roof support.

  4. Construct the roof

    Nail the plywood to the roofing section, and add the shingles.

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