How Do You Build a Wine Cellar?


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To build a wine cellar, construct a frame for the walls, ceiling and floor, nail plywood panels to the studs, stain or paint the wood, assemble the wine racks, and put them into position. If the wine racks are unfinished, paint or stain them.

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  1. Frame the walls

    Lay out the wood for the bottom of the frame. Position the studs, and nail them to the bottom plate with a framing nail gun. Once the studs are attached to the bottom plate, add and secure the top plate into position. Add additional wood beams for the ceiling and the floor.

  2. Add the walls, ceiling and floor

    Trim exterior-grade plywood panels to fit the cellar. Position 1-by 3-inch furring strips, which are tapered pieces of wood, between the plywood panel and the studs. Nail the plywood to the studs with a finishing gun.

  3. Cover the seams

    Using a power miter box, cut narrow wood trim to cover the corners and the seams. Position the trim along the seams, and nail it into place with a finishing nail gun.

  4. Decorate the walls

    Stain the plywood panels, or finish them with primer and the paint color of choice.

  5. Assemble the wine racks

    Build pre-fabricated wine racks according the manufacturer's instructions, and arrange them around the wine cellar. Paint or stain racks to match the walls.

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