How Do You Build Window Shutters?

build-window-shutters Credit: DeAgostini Editorial/DeAgostini/Getty Images

To build shutters, you start by measuring the height of the window along the outside frame. Prepare six finish boards and transfer the measurement to them. Mark the board vertically. Lay the boards perpendicular to each other, and join them with galvanized screws.

  1. Take window measurements

    Measure the height of the window along the outside frame, and transfer the measurements to six finish boards. The finish boards must not be longer than the height of the window. Add the measurements across the boards by 2 inches using a tri-square.

  2. Mark the shutter boards

    Mark 11 inches of an 8-foot board to make shutters. Extend each mark across the board using a tri-square. Cut the board along the marked lines to come up with six pieces, each measuring 11 inches. Lay down three pieces ½ inch apart, each facing the workbench, and put a mark in the middle of each piece.

  3. Screw the pieces together

    Sink galvanized screws through each intersection between the short board and the three long boards. Repeat the process with the remaining two short pieces by fixing one of the boards from the top end of the long boards. Hang the shutter next to the window frame.