How Do You Build a Window Seat?


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To build a window seat, make a base frame from 2-by-4 boards, and top with kitchen cabinets that fit the space. Paint the cabinets in the color of your choice, and add a seat cushion.

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  1. Measure the window seat

    Find a spot for your window seat, and take measurements of the area. Purchase prefabricated kitchen cabinets that fit the dimensions.

  2. Build a base

    Construct a frame for the cabinets using 2-by-4 boards, and add a center bar for extra stability. The frame should be a couple inches narrower than the cabinets. Secure the frame by screwing it to the wall.

  3. Position the cabinets

    Place the cabinets on the frame, and clamp them together. Drill pilot holes to connect the cabinets to each other and to the frame, and use wood screws to secure them. Cover the exposed side of the cabinets with a piece of shelving material that slightly overlaps the edge of the cabinet.

  4. Add the trim

    Use the cabinet trim provided with the cabinets to fill the gaps between the window seat and the wall. Use a piece of trim as a toe kick along the bottom of the frame and another to cover the edge of the shelving material.

  5. Finish the window seat

    Fill any screw or nail holes with filler. Caulk any remaining gaps between the wall and the seat. Re-attach the cabinet doors, and add the window seat cushion.

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