How Do You Build a Window Frame?


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To build a window frame, determine the dimensions of the window opening, mark the same along with those for the jack and king studs on the wall, and cut the jack and king studs to the required lengths. Nail the studs appropriately, nail a base plate and a header over the jack studs, and finally affix cripple studs cut to the required size at appropriate intervals.

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Use the window manufacturer's manual to determine the dimensions of the window opening required. Determine the wall area on which the window is to be installed, and mark the window opening on the wall's bottom and top plates. In addition, mark the jack stud position at 11/2 inches and king stud position at 3 inches out from the opening's marks.

Cut 2-by-4 boards to the length of the inner wall stud for the king studs, and affix in place using nails. Determine the distance between the lower plate of the wall and opening's lower side, and reduce it by 11/2 inches. This is the required jack stud length.

Cut the jack studs from 2-by-4 boards, and affix them beneath the opening and within the king studs using nails. Nail two more jack studs with a length of the vertical window opening within the king studs and inside the opening.

Determine the gap between king studs, and accordingly cut a 2-by-4 board to make the base plate. Nail the base plate with its flat side facing upwards over the jack studs and in between the king studs. Use the base plate measurement to cut the window's header, and affix over the jack studs.

Determine the distance between the header and the top plate, and accordingly cut and nail the cripple studs in place. Ensure that the cripple studs are spaced at every 16 inches.

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