How Do You Build Winder Stairs?


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Winder stairs are wedge-shaped treads are a space-saving design that form a 90-degree angled turn on a staircase where a standard landing is not a feasible option. Building winder stairs is a moderately complex task that requires planning the layout by consulting building codes to ensure compliance, establishing a radius for the wind, determining the arcs for the stairs and positioning the risers for the stairs.

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There are a couple of steps necessary in order to lay out winder stairs.

  1. Determine the radius of the turn
  2. From the 90-degree angle that is formed by the set landing's end and the last full stair before the angled turn, use a compass to create a radius. This arc determines the first and last stair of the wind. To determine the interior stairs, use the same radius swing and arc from the first stair to find the starting point of the curved stair and repeat equidistantly through the curve.

  3. Find the point of tread risers
  4. From the 90-degree angle, extend the lines to the previously determined arcs. This will be the position of the risers. Learn more about Carpentry

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