How Do You Build a Wheelchair Ramp?


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To build a wheelchair ramp, research local building codes, create a design, purchase the materials and construct the ramp. The point of entry, intended user, climate and aesthetics are all important factors to consider when creating the design.

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  1. Research local building codes
  2. Research local, HOA and municipality building codes before construction. Obtain a building permit, if required.
  3. Create a plan
  4. Create a design plan before construction. Consider the necessary slope, required rails and ramp materials before starting construction.
  5. Determine the ramp's size
  6. Determine the location of the ramp, as well as height and length following a slope ratio of 1:12. Measure the height of the point of entry and work backward to determine ramp length.
  7. Start construction
  8. Start construction at the home's point of entry and build a platform for the ramp. Most landings need to be at least 60 inches long.
  9. Determine layout lines
  10. Determine the entire area of the ramp and place layout lines as a guide for the ramp.
  11. Install footings
  12. Follow local building codes to dig and install footings, and check for utility lines before digging. Ensure the footings are below the frost line.
  13. Pour concrete
  14. Use forms or pour directly into the holes. Smooth the tops level and install J-bolts. Allow the concrete to fully dry and set.
  15. Attach the posts
  16. Attach the metal posts to the J-bolts.
  17. Create the frame
  18. Attach rim joists and cross braces to build the frame.
  19. Attach the decking
  20. Finish the ramp by applying the decking, railing and bottom landing.
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